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Artificial Nerve

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Artificial Nerve


Artificial Nerve is made of highly pure type I collagen extracted from bovine tendon. It provides a suitable path for nerve growth.

Key features of Artificial Nerve:

1. Absorbable and degradable.

2. Good biocompatibility.

3. No rejection.

4. No deformation in water.

5. Tolerance to suture strength.

6. Plasticity and certain mechanical strength.

  SEM Picture of Artificial Nerve: 

Excellent clinical characteristics of Artificial Nerve:

1. Vertically aligned micro-porous structure of the Artificial Nerve wall provides nerve growth path.

2. Artificial Nerve is permeable for nutrients supplying nerve repair.

3. Artificial Nerve has certain degree of mechanical strength and memory. Blood absorption does not make it swell while pressure does not cause a narrow lumen.

4. Artificial Nerve can be sutured stably.

5. Artificial Nerve can be completely absorbed within 3-6 months, and the degradation products are amino acid and water.

6. Artificial Nerve can effectively prevent adhesion between nerve and surrounding tissues and reduce scar formation;

7. Artificial Nerve is resistance to damage.

Animal Test:

Clinical Applications:

Indications: Artificial Nerve is suitable for nerve repair and anti-adhesion operation.

 Specifications: 0.4±0.3mm thickness

Diameter X Length: Ф2 X 10  Ф2 X 20  Ф2 X 30  Ф3 X 10  Ф3 X 20  Ф3 X 30  Ф4 X 10  Ф4 X 20  Ф4 X 30  Ф5 X 10  Ф5 X 20  Ф5 X 30 

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